Wednesday, May 21, 2008

EstrAval - Natural Support for Menopause

Before EstrAval:

I was a mess - a terrible mess.... I cried at the drop of a hat, I couldn't sleep - everything my husband said was offensive, my precious little ones were doing the "duck and cover" and I just wanted to hide in a closet and pretend the world didn't exist.

The above happened luckily just once a month - for like 5 days out of the month!!!
I have had these symptoms for over 5 years - it's like PMS on steroids plus hot flashes and RAGE!

I wasn't sure what was wrong with me - I knew I wasn't crazy - I knew that there was loving peaceful person hiding from fear inside me -afraid of the raging crazy I was becoming.

I was 43 years old and experiencing that awful "change of life".
It would be nicer if it would happen all at once (or didn't happen at all), but I heard that it can take 3 to 10 years to make the full transition!!! AHGGGG!

Then my dear wonderful friend, Musette, who is always happy and peaceful and loves her life, told me about who she used to be - like me - and now she was amazing!

I wanted that peace - I wanted to love my family again and get myself put back together.

She showed me what she took - EstrAval and the vitamin supplements designed for women - all natural and absorb-able by the body to give it what it needs.

I learned that my body was simply throwing a temper tantrum because it was lacking the nutrients it needs to function as a whole.
Since I wasn't listening - it let me know through mood swings and all that scary hormonal stuff.

Now that I take EstrAval and my vitamin supplement:
No more mood swings!!! No More Rage!!! My monthly emotional cycles very mild and are just a one day"blip" in my month instead of "full frontal assault week" on my family.

Click on my website shown "my website link" - go to product store, health, look down the list on the left hand side - choose Menopause health or vitamins and minerals and see what the nutritional info is with each product.

Compare EstrAval to the products available in the store or online - this supplement totally exceeds any other product on the market - by double I assure you.

Email me - let me know if you are interested. Enrollment is easy - but you'll need me.

Thanks for reading.

Happy living :-)